Take a solid reputation for safety, reliability and build quality; add a step-change in design under Peter Horbury in the 1990s and early 2000s and it’s easy to understand the continued popularity of the Volvo range. No wonder a Volvo is on your car leasing shortlist. Best of all, while Volvo’s been growing and developing into today’s über-desirable range of cars and SUVs, the contract-hire market has also changed, making great Volvo leasing deals more accessible to inpiduals and small companies than ever…

Whatever your reason for considering Volvo, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the available business or personal car leasing deals. Contract hire has come a long way since it was the exclusive preserve of big companies. Through an ever-widening range of personal hire and business options, driving a V40 D2 hatchback, an S80 executive saloon or a versatile diesel XC90 SUV out of your local Solihull or Stourbridge Volvo dealership is so easy…

7 reasons why Volvo leasing makes sense

Volvo cars have always made sense, especially if safety, reliability and longevity matter. Here are seven reasons why it could also make perfect sense for you to lease your new Volvo:

1. A fixed payment each month for easy budgeting

One of the main attractions of vehicle leasing is that you will be sure exactly how much your monthly payment will be for the duration of your contract term. Agreements typically run for between 24 and 60 months, and road tax, servicing, maintenance and consumables can also be included for complete convenience. Then, with the budgeting taken care of, you can enjoy life with your new Volvo.

2. Fancy a new Volvo every few years?

A few years ago, Volvo took great pride in announcing that the average life-expectancy of their cars was nearly 20 years – and a well-publicised example of their classic P1800 was approaching 3 million miles in 2013.

Even though some owners make a thing of treasuring their cars for decades, you probably fancy the idea of getting a new one every few years. Even with a vehicle built like a Volvo, there’s something reassuring about knowing your car will always be under warranty while you enjoy it. And of course, you can always choose an agreement that allows you to buy the car at the end of the contract term.

3. Amend terms to avoid excess mileage charges

Imagine you’ve traded in your Vauxhall Mokka, got your new all-wheel-drive Volvo XC70 and decide to wave goodbye to the West Midlands and tour Scandinavia for a couple of months. By the time you’ve island-hopped up Sweden’s west coast, headed through Norway to the North Cape and returned home to Birmingham via Stockholm and stylish Copenhagen, your annual mileage allowance could be under serious threat.

Even more so if you decide to do it again next year. Fortunately, with the right contract and a helpful leasing company franchisee you should be able to amend your hire-contract mileage to avoid a costly excess-charge later.

4. Low initial outlay compared to buying outright

Even if you can afford to buy your new Volvo outright, leasing reduces your initial outlay considerably and offers tax advantages if you are a sole trader, company or partnership. It’s definitely worth asking your accountant or lease company franchisee for advice on the advantages of contract-hire to finance your car.

On the other hand, if leasing’s your only option for driving a new Volvo, you’ll be pleased to know your initial outlay will only be a fraction of your car’s full list price (typically, two or three monthly payments).

5. Avoid the spectre of depreciation

Over the years, certain Volvo models haven’t exactly shined in the three-year depreciation charts, while others have done brilliantly. Whatever the depreciation performance of your preferred Volvo, it won’t be your problem if you lease. That’s because the lease company always owns your V40 or V70 estate and any depreciation is their concern.

6. Worry-free disposal of the car when you change

Not every Volvo owner wants to keep their car as long as American Irv Gordon and his Guinness Book of World Records-entering P1800 couple! Whatever you prefer, the right choice of contract hire means you have several choices:

  • Decide on another Volvo and start a new leasing agreement.
  • Pay a balloon payment and buy the car outright.
  • Stop leasing at the end of your contract. Maybe you’ve decided to buy a Land Rover instead of your Volvo XC 60!

Whatever you decide on, one thing’s certain. You won’t have all the hassle and worry of selling your Volvo. That’s another of the joys of a Volvo lease arrangement.

7. You could drive a better Volvo than you thought possible

Whether it’s a Volvo (or a Toyota, Alfa Romeo or any one of dozens of other popular makes), experienced car leasing agents know how to get you more car for your money. Nothing’s guaranteed, but you might find, for instance, that leasing lets you afford an XC90 instead of an XC60. Imagine if the better residual value of a higher spec model brought your monthly rental back within budget so you could drive a vehicle that had initially seemed beyond your means! Who knows what’s possible, but you won’t know until you talk the options through with a specialist who really knows Volvo leasing.

The secrets in your choice of leasing partner

Ultimately, the biggest secret to getting the best possible leasing deal isn’t so much about how much you study the leasing market or how many doors you knock on and quotes you get – besides, you’ve got a life to live or a business to run…

Whether you’re changing your Volkswagen Golf for an entry level V40 hatchback or the top-of-the range All New XC90 to carry a large family and a couple of Labradors, the secret to great Volvo leasing deals and service lies more with the leasing company franchisee you choose than you might imagine.

Make the wrong choice and you could end up lumbered with an unsatisfying arrangement. But get it right, with an experienced partner (maybe a long-established family business) who’s traded for years and knows Volvos inside out and you’ll be able to trust their experience, contacts and access to great Volvo leasing deals.

While they do the legwork and negotiating and design a contract-hire plan just for you, you can look forward to driving your new Volvo. It’s the recipe for a car leasing contract you’ll love, the Volvo you’ll adore and between 24 and 60 months of motoring – Swedish style!

About West Midland Vehicles

West Midland Vehicles Ltd (trading as Westmid) was formed in 1980 and is based near Birmingham in the heart of England. We’re a second-generation family business specialising in business and personal Volvo leasing deals.

Ask our existing customers how much store we put in knowledge and professionalism – and the pride we take in offering a bespoke service and knowing about the Vauxhall offers that can save you lots of money.

Whether you’re seeking a company fleet or a single private car, our knowledge, experience and exceptional customer care is here for you. Remember to ask us about the Finance Lease Funding Scheme too – it’s a fabulous way of funding your new Volvo.

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