If there’s one manufacturer that consistently combines comfort, performance, economy and great design with excellent value for the mass market, it’s Vauxhall. From 1980s classics such as the Astra GTE and Carlton saloon, to the latest Mokka, Insignia and Cascada convertible, Vauxhall has a knack for covering every motoring base. And that’s just its cars and SUVs; don’t forget Vauxhall’s established position in vans and light commercials – they’re all increasingly accessible with business or personal leasing …

Vauxhall would probably agree that their vehicles have progressed enormously since the 1960s. Alongside development of their presence on the UK car and light commercial market there’s been a correspondingly remarkable transformation in the availability of contract-hire. Once reserved for company fleets, this convenient means of driving a new car every few years is now more accessible to private and business drivers than ever.

One of the biggest secrets of getting a great business or personal lease deal on your Vauxhall is your choice of partner. For most people, that means a lease company franchisee. But how do you find a good one? Here are seven tests to help you sort a great West Midlands contract-hire firm from the rest.

1. How long have they been doing Vauxhall lease deals?

You may not remember the original Astras and Cavaliers, but there’s something reassuring about a vehicle leasing partner who was arranging leasing on Vauxhall cars and vans back in the 1980s – and still arranges great deals on the latest Adam, New Corsa and Zafira. That sort of business pedigree suggests staying power and a flair for delighting customers like you.

2. Trust your first impressions

Just as your new Vauxhall vehicle will make a statement about you, the first impression of a lease company franchise is equally important. Do they make you feel like ‘just another punter’ or a valued personal friend who deserves to be cherished?

3. Do they know car leasing inside out?

Brand knowledge is one thing. But without solid knowledge of the broader leasing scene, the power of such knowledge and connections is reduced.

As you discuss your leasing plans, you’ll soon see whether your supplier has the depth and breadth of knowledge to guide you through the complexities of available leasing deals. Is your business VAT-registered? If so, there are important leasing considerations. Similarly, for the month in which you set up your leasing contract or the way a higher spec vehicle can mean lower monthly payments for you.

An experienced company can even advise knowledgeably on details such as the relative merits of Vauxhall’s Insignia Sports Tourer estate car, the Mokka or Antara for your family dog!

4. Are they genuinely knowledgeable about Vauxhall?

Now things get really interesting. This is where years of day-to-day contact with the Vauxhall brand and product comes into its own.

Take the Vauxhall Insignia for example: do you choose SE trim and up the spec with some carefully chosen factory options? Or will your monthly payment be less if you choose Elite trim level with the dual-zone electronic climate control, 18-inch alloys, front and rear parking sensors and electrically foldable mirrors you wanted and lower monthly payments due to the better residuals of the higher-spec car at the contract’s end?

Only an experienced broker with detailed marque knowledge will be able to advise you correctly on things like this that can make a huge difference to your business or personal leasing experience – and how much car you can get for your budget.

5. Are they really interested in you?

Whether your broker’s in Birmingham or Manchester, this is something else you’ll soon pick up on. Some firms only want to quote you – and will admit that they ‘only do quotes’.

Others will patiently talk you through the whole Vauxhall experience, discuss business and personal hire options and share your enthusiasm for Vauxhalls. They might even suggest that a Vauxhall isn’t right for you – maybe a Ford or a BMW offers a better deal. You’d be amazed what the best leasing specialists can achieve through their contacts, experience and understanding of the leasing market after decades matching drivers, cars and leasing deals.

6. Special car leasing deals?

On the subject of leasing deals, what’s your chosen contract-hire partner’s status with the major leasing companies who will ultimately finance your car? Chances are that newer businesses won’t have coveted Platinum Dealer status. That’s important for you because it has a bearing on the choice of vehicles they can offer you and their access to the best deals.

Does your chosen company get special vehicle allocations? If so, it speaks volumes about their industry standing. It also means you get more choice and availability. Ask whether they’ve got Platinum status and how many Vauxhalls are specially allocated to them.

7. Don’t settle for less than total integrity

Whether you’re in Stourbridge or Solihull, Wolverhampton or Warwick, throughout your dealings with prospective brokers, you’ll watch closely how they treat you. Assess their integrity too: are they straight-talking; do they do what they promise and give honest advice, even if it’s not what you expect to hear?

Above all, is everything the leasing company franchise does in your best interests or theirs? Of course they’re in business to make money, but arranging the best possible deal for you should always be their priority.

You’ll know when you find a great car leasing partner

You’ll know the right company when you find them: your intuition sends positive messages; you feel like one of the family when you’re with their team; and they’ve got some amazing Vauxhall lease deals. That’s when you can be confident that you’ve got a good vehicle leasing partner.

Now it’s time to let them do what they do best and match you with the Vauxhall of your dreams.

About West Midland Vehicles

West Midland Vehicles Ltd (trading as Westmid) was formed in 1980 and is based near Birmingham in the heart of England. We’re a second-generation family business specialising in business and personal Vauxhall car, van and light commercial vehicle leasing.

Ask our existing customers how much store we put in knowledge and professionalism – and the pride we take in offering a bespoke service and knowing about the Vauxhall offers that can save you lots of money.

Whether you’re seeking a company fleet or a single private car, our knowledge, experience and exceptional customer care is here for you. Remember to ask us about the Finance Lease Funding Scheme too – it’s a fabulous way of funding your Vauxhall vehicle.

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