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What’s got you thinking about leasing a Porsche? Are you a longstanding fan of Stuttgart’s finest? Keen to join a tradition of sporting success including Monte Carlo Rally wins by Vic Elford and Björn Waldegård, more Le Mans victories than any other manufacturer, and multiple sports car championships? Maybe you admire the iconic Porsche 911, or the performance and practicality of the latest Porsche Macan. (By the way, it’s a Macan, not a Porsche ‘Mecan’ – the name's from the Indonesian for tiger…

Whatever your reason for wanting a Porsche, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the available business or personal car leasing deals. Contract hire has come a long way since it was the exclusive preserve of big companies. Through an ever-widening range of personal hire and business options, driving a Boxster or Cayman off a forecourt in Solihull or Sutton Coldfield is more achievable than ever.

7 reasons why Porsche leasing makes sense

Here are seven reasons why Porsche leasing could make perfect sense for you:

1. Fixed monthly costs make budgeting easy

As with any contract hire or contract purchase, leasing means you’ll know exactly what your Porsche Boxster (not Porsche 'Boxter') or Panamera will cost each month. Naturally, road tax, servicing, maintenance and consumables can also be included. Then, with budgeting taken care of, you can concentrate on enjoying the legendary Porsche driving experience.

2. You’d like a new Porsche every few years

While some owners treasure their cars for decades, others like the idea of getting a new Porsche Cayenne or Cayman every few years. There’s something very reassuring about knowing your vehicle will always be under warranty as you look at that new Porsche on your driveway and enjoy the magnificence of the latest model.

3. Amend terms to avoid excess mileage charges

Imagine you’ve got your leased Boxster and decide to wave goodbye to the West Midlands and tour Europe for a month next summer. Poplar-lined French B roads and Nice’s Promenade des Anglais are worlds away from rush-hour Birmingham. So are the hairpin bends of alpine passes like the St Gotthard, Stelvio and Grossglockner – and seeing what she’ll do on the Autobahn before trying to beat the works Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid’s 6:57 Nürburgring lap…

By the time you’re back home, your annual mileage allowance could be under serious threat. Even more so if you’ve got a taste for trans-European travel and plan to do it every year. Fortunately, the right contract and a helpful leasing company franchisee means you should be able to amend your hire-contract mileage to avoid a costly surprise later.

4. Low initial outlay compared to outright purchase

Maybe you’re fortunate enough to afford to buy your new Porsche outright. Even so, your accountant may recommend leasing for its tax advantages, especially if you're VAT registered.

If leasing’s the only way you can get your Porsche, it’s good to know your initial outlay will be a modest two or three monthly payments instead of full list price – that’s anything from around £40k for a Porsche Boxster to over £150k for a 911 Turbo S Cabriolet.

5. Avoid the spectre of depreciation

Your 911 may have one of the UK’s lowest depreciation figures, but that won’t be your problem with contract leasing. That’s because the lease company owns the German sportster and any depreciation is their concern.

6. Worry-free disposal of the car when you change

Some drivers make a lifetime hobby of Porsche ownership. Others want to experience the marque for a few years before changing the vehicle for something different. Maybe the family’s grown and it’s time for a Land Rover Discovery, or the luxury of a four-door Jaguar is more appealing.

If that’s you, leasing could be perfect. Depending on your contract, you can return the vehicle to the lease company, make a balloon payment and buy it, or continue to lease a different vehicle. Whatever you choose, you won’t have to worry about selling a high-value Porsche or allowing test drives by private buyers of questionable ability.

7. Contract hire could mean a higher spec Porsche

Experienced car leasing agents know how to get you more Porsche for your money. Nothing’s guaranteed, but you might find that leasing lets you afford a 911 instead of a Cayman or Boxster. Imagine if the better residual value of a higher spec model brought the monthly rental back within budget so you could drive a vehicle that had seemed beyond your means! Who knows what’s possible, but you won’t find out until you discuss options with a specialist who really knows Porsches.

The secret to leasing lies with your broker

Whether you want a small hatchback for commuting into Kidderminster or a top-end Porsche to demonstrate your business success, the secret to great leasing deals and service lies more with the leasing company franchisee than you might imagine.

Make the wrong choice and you could be lumbered with an unsatisfying arrangement. But get it right, with an experienced partner who’s traded for years and knows Porsche inside out... That’s the recipe for a contract you’ll love, the car you’ll adore and the thrill every time you open her up (completely responsibly, of course) on the A41 near Solihull…

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