5 Reasons to Choose a Mercedes Sprinter

Are you looking for a van to contract lease for commercial purposes in Birmingham? There are lots to choose from in a market crowded by all of the big names. One option for you is the superb Mercedes Sprinter. A standard bearer in commercial vans, the Sprinter will take you to wherever your business is going. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to choose the Mercedes Sprinter for your commercial needs.

1. Size is everything

The Mercedes Sprinter was designed with all your commercial needs in mind. The 314 CDi LWB comes with a high roof, allowing you to pack as much into the back-saving your business time and money. At a maximum of 2720mm high, the Sprinter will carry a bigger load whilst still navigating the vast majority of bridges and multi-storey car parks you may encounter. 

The Mercedes Sprinter’s back doors open at 180° as standard, helping you get heavy and wide loads into the van with ease, while giving you plenty of room to get as much into the load bay as possible.

2. Latest technology to drive your business further

Mercedes-Benz vans are respected for their car-like handling as well as their solidly built exteriors.  With unrivalled build quality, the Mercedes Sprinter comes with the revolutionary Euro 6 engine that sets new standards in efficiency and performance. With anti-lock brakes, emergency braking assist and advanced electronic stability all supplied as standard, every driver is at the fingertips of the latest technology to advance your business.

The engine also makes attempts to look after itself and the planet with the intelligent stop/start technology (something most vans do no get ) coming as standard which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. With low resistance tyres and an intelligent alternator helping lighten the load on fuel, your business will drive further and for longer with the Sprinter.

3. Cost effective reliability

With a service interval of 37,000 miles, you can trust that this vehicle will run and run for long periods without need of constant checking. This provides reassurance for you and your drivers as longevity is essential for your leasing commercial vehicle needs. The Mercedes Sprinter, itself, is a name that has stood the test of time with over 20 years on the road. An iconic name that is trusted by contract lease drivers across the country.

4. Comfort for the long haul

As a van, the Sprinter is a fantastic vehicle to drive both around towns and on motorways. With steering that is precise and never feeling unnecessarily heavy, it makes it quite a comfortable drive for any one. For any long days in the cabin, that is a necessity. For this reason, Mercedes have made sure that the Sprinter has been fitted with seats that are ergonomically designed to adjust to the body, providing firm support at all times.

The steady ride is controlled, even without any load in the back and feels impressively comfortable at high speeds. On motorways, the Sprinter will keep enough wind and road noise out, creating a relaxing experience. A number of cup holders placed throughout the vehicle  will mean you can be suitably refreshed for those long journeys.

5. Unrivalled safety features

Safety is paramount for all travel and the Sprinter comes loaded with some impressive kit including the innovative Crosswind Assist system being the highlight. It stops the van from being blown into the wrong lane by any large gusts of wind. A handy feature for the unpredictable weather of the West Midlands and the rest of the UK.

The equipment you would expect is offered, also, with ABS, ESP anti-skid control, brake assist and an anti-roll-over system. 

Why should you contract lease the Mercedes Sprinter?

With a name respected by drivers everywhere, the Sprinter is an excellent choice for contract leasing in the commercial market. With superb load size, incredible technology with reliability at the top of its game, the Mercedes Sprinter is the perfect choice for you.

If you would like to find out more about the Mercedes Sprinter or any of our commercial contract lease vehicles, please do get in touch.

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