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Back when the original Range Rover was launched in 1970, Range Rover leasing was just for the super-rich or the largest corporations. But lots has changed since the first vehicles rolled of the Solihull, Birmingham production line and created a new space in motoring. Nearly 50 years later, the appeal of the Land Rover Range Rover and its variants is stronger than ever – and they’re more accessible than ever too, thanks to contract hire…

So you’ve always promised yourself one of these amazing go-anywhere-in-complete-luxury SUVs? Is it because buying or leasing your new Range Rover opens the door to a brand that’s stood for adventure, royalty, luxury transport and superstardom for decades? Other vehicles have entered the space defined by the original Range Rover. But from Central America’s Darien Gap to London’s West End, none have matched the unique standing of Spen King and Gordon Bashford's late-1960s design.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to buy a Range Rover outright you’re a very lucky person. Even so, a quick chat with your accountant or a reputable vehicle leasing specialist may still confirm the wisdom of Range Rover leasing.

7 reasons to lease your Range Rover

What’s your favourite Range Rover? Do you fancy a 5dr Evoke or dream about a Range Rover SDV6 Autobiography auto? Whatever model you covet, here are seven reasons for leasing rather than buying the car that many the ultimate SUV.

1. Enjoy a brand new Range Rover every three years

Even a Range Rover that’s several years old is very desirable. But imagine being able to pick up a brand new Range Rover from a West Midlands dealership every two, three or five years? There will be specification upgrades and the opportunity to have a different colour or a change of trim if you wish. And then there’s that priceless feeling of driving a factory-fresh car.

Whether you opt for contract hire or contract purchasing, this is exactly what you’ll enjoy with your Range Rover. You start with a new petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicle, fully equipped to your requirements. Then you enjoy it with full warranty during the lease contract period. Afterwards, you simply return it and get a brand new one. And all the time you’re enjoying the Range Rover experience you’ll know exactly how much your monthly rental outlay is. Now that’s the way to indulge your love for these amazing vehicles.

2. Get a higher spec car than you thought possible

Contract hire can mean enjoying a higher specification version of your chosen vehicle than you imagined possible. Let’s say you were planning to buy a Discovery Sport or Range Rover Evoke 5dr outright. Now imagine leasing and being able to drive a Range Rover Sport or even a Range Rover. That’s the difference leasing makes. And if you’re not concerned about actually owning the vehicle it’s definitely an option to consider. Factor in all the other advantages of leasing and we’re sure you’ll see the attraction.

4. Low initial outlay compared to outright purchase

Even an entry level Range Rover Evoke will set you back the best part of £30k if you buy outright. But by leasing your new Range Rover the initial payment will only be a couple of months’ contract hire fee – a fraction of the showroom price. As well as knowing exactly what you’re spending on your car each month, you can use the money you would otherwise have spent on a depreciating asset for something else that’s important to you.

5. Avoid the worry of vehicle depreciation

Speaking of depreciation, Range Rovers, especially some versions of the Range Rover Evoque, are known for being worth nearly 70 per cent of their showroom value after three years. Good though this is compared to many vehicles, wouldn’t it be nice for any depreciation to be someone else’s problem? With a leased Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport that’s exactly the case. You get on with enjoying the luxury, performance and off-road ability of your ‘Rangy’ while the leasing company picks up the bill for any fall in value over the contract period. If you’ve ever owned a vehicle outright from new, you’ll know what a great feeling that is.

6. Worry-free disposal of the car when you change

The likelihood is that you’ll probably want to change your car after a few years. If so, welcome to a world of risks and challenges that are exacerbated by the Land Rover Range Rover’s desirability, value and premium quality. Do you really want to put yourself at the mercy of car-buying websites, haggle over trade-in value with dealerships, let someone you don’t know test drive your car, or even risk theft or fraud?

When you lease your Range Rover, you know that at the end of your contract term you’ll have the option to return the car to the leasing company or enter into a new contract and take delivery of a brand new Range Rover. Either way, you avoid the worries associated with selling a luxury vehicle.

Fixed monthly costs for easy budgeting

You’ll be amazed by the monthly leasing deals available on Range Rovers. At the time of writing, sites such as West Midlands Vehicles had them at anything between £669 per month and £820 per month (plus VAT), depending on whether it was a Range Rover Sport or a Range Rover Vogue. Options are also available for maintenance, servicing and consumables such as tyres – everything, in fact, for hassle-free enjoyment of your vehicle over the contracted period. Best of all, because this is agreed monthly outlay, it’s easy to budget for your motoring over the years ahead.

7. Amend terms to avoid excess mileage charges

Range Rovers lend themselves to adventure. Although examples of the cars have won Paris-Dakar rallies, travelled the length of North and South America, and transported elite SAS teams, your plans may be less ambitious – or not, as the case may be.

So what happens if your annual drive to Scotland turns into an epic road-trip around Scandinavia? Or you say goodbye to the West Midlands for a month and drive down to Spain and across to Morocco? Undoubtedly, your Range Rover will be up to the adventure, but what about the effect on your contracted annual mileage? Fortunately, with the right leasing plan, you could amend your annual mileage and avoid a massive excess mileage bill at contract’s end. It’s little details like this that can make or break your contract-hire arrangement.

Leasing a Range Rover involves much more than just choosing a vehicle and a contract and signing up. That said, there’s no reason why the intricacies of leasing a vehicle should be your problem. The best vehicle leasing firms have the experience and knowledge to make this simple for you.

The right leasing company franchisee is vital

Look for a business that’s been leasing Land Rovers and Range Rovers for years, maybe even decades. Seek a specialist that’s prepared to take time, explain things thoroughly and genuinely keen to give you excellent service. A £70k Range Rover may be lots of money to you, but to a fleet salesperson in a big leasing company, it’s nothing beside the 150-car fleet deal they’re working on. A good company, maybe an established family business, will have more clout with leasing companies than you ever will. That’s good for you and your contract-hire deal.

So choose your leasing partner carefully and let them do what they do best. As they locate the tastiest leasing offers, you can look forward to the pleasure of choosing, taking delivery of and driving that beautiful Evoke ED4 or Range Rover TDV6 Vogue SE 5dr you always dreamed of.

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