Jaguar F-Type, 3.0 V6, 340PS Supercharged Auto, £599.99 + VAT per month – just reading the description off the leasing company franchisee’s website sets your pulse racing, gets the heart beating faster and gets you imagining sweeping A roads as you accelerate and thrill to the growl of Jaguar’s powerful V6…

Recent development of car leasing plans means it’s easier than ever to get your dream Jaguar XF saloon, Jaguar XE auto, XJ or F-type Coupe. All you need to remember is that one of the biggest secrets of a great car leasing deal is choosing the right contract hire and vehicle leasing firm in the first place.

Back in the 1960s, the iconic E-type was the ultimate supercar (British too) and the distinctive Mk 2 Jag was getaway car of choice for a generation of British villains. Back then, vehicle leasing was an exotic way to acquire cars – pretty much reserved for large fleets. Fifty years on, the availability of car contract hire to small businesses and inpiduals has changed beyond all recognition. Now it’s a serious option if you are contemplating anything from a small saloon to a top of the range executive limousine.

However, unless you’re an experienced fleet manager or asset finance specialist, the key to a wise Jaguar hire choice is as much about choosing the right contract-hire partner as about detailed knowledge of schemes from the big leasing companies such as Alphabet, Lex Autolease or Arval.

So how do you choose a ‘good’ vehicle leasing and contract hire partner when sourcing your new Jaguar XF Sportbrake or F-Type convertible? Doing your research, checking out a few leasing company franchises and trusting your intuition when you contact them is the key to finding a partner to make the procedure straightforward and hassle-free. Here are a few tips for sorting the best from the rest when researching Jaguar leasing …

5 steps to your dream Jaguar

Whether you’re in Birmingham, Coventry, Kidderminster, another part of the Midlands or elsewhere in the UK, here are five questions to ask a prospective business or personal hire partner…

1. Are they experienced at Jaguar leasing?

Even the team at a 40-year old contract hire business is unlikely to remember the heyday of the classic E-Type Jaguar, but they should certainly know about the latest XF saloon, XE and F-Type Coupes. And a bit of historical knowledge about the heritage behind these ranges should show that your leasing company franchisee has leased Jags for more than a few years. That’s a good sign, because the lineage of the growling ‘cats’ coming off the lines at Castle Bromwich and Solihull deserves respect…

2. Is it a family business?

If your chosen leasing company franchisee goes back to the 1980s, there’s a real possibility that they’re a family business. Whether it’s Jaguar or Alfa Romeo, did you ever notice how families build special affinities for certain types of vehicle? Vehicle leasing is no exception, which means a family firm that’s been arranging Jaguar leasing for decades should be well equipped to find you the most suitable contract for your business or personal circumstances.

3. How well do they really know car leasing?

Knowing Jaguars and being able to wax lyrical about the engine options for the latest XF diesel is one thing. But knowing the difference between balloon payments and residuals, and between personal and business contract hire for VAT-registered companies, is fundamental to getting you the best deal. So’s being positively vetted by the major lease companies.

Just like feeling wanted, valued and appreciated, this is something you’ll quickly pick up as you talk with your car leasing partner. Expect patience and no talking down to you if you don’t understand the terminology. A truly great leasing company franchisee will talk at your level, and take all the time you need to make sure you understand the available offers and what your leasing contract involves.

4. Do you sense a genuine passion for Jaguar?

Mention your enthusiasm for Jaguar and you’ll soon sense whether your contact shares the passion. As you find yourselves reminiscing about 1984, when TWR’s XJ-Ss won the European Touring Car Championship, or discussing a Jaguar road test on Top Gear, you’ll quickly know whether they’re a kindred spirit, or just another bored contract hire salesperson going through the motions…

Even if you just want to talk specifications and monthly car leasing payments, we challenge you not to feel the passion rub off while talking deals with a truly-passionate Jaguar leasing specialist... A great Jaguar contract hire partner, as distinct from merely average ones, will know the current range and its trim variations backwards. What’s more, because they’ve arranged great deals on Jaguars for years, they’ll know and understand the brand’s heritage.

Does this really matter when all you want is your new Jag and to keep your accountant happy? Actually, it does, especially when a firm really starts working really hard to find you the best deal.

Let’s say you think you want a Rhodium silver metallic XJ saloon 4dr SWB with Jaguar’s Luxury trim level and it’s available for an affordable monthly outlay. You’ve also researched several factory-fitted options, but these push the monthly cost over budget. At this point, some companies might just try to talk you into higher monthly payments. Compare that to the better contract-hire specialists who know that going to the next trim level, Premium Luxury, will give you the extras you want as standard. Best of all, imagine if the better residual value of the higher spec model brings the monthly rental back within budget so you can enjoy a vehicle you’d previously thought was too expensive! That’s the difference an excellent knowledge of Jaguars makes. But not everyone makes the same effort…

5. Do you feel special?

From your first call to leaving the dealership in your new Jaguar XE, a great leasing company franchisee makes you feel welcome, comfortable and special. Listen to your intuition. It matters and it’s rarely wrong.

Does your contract-hire specialist go that little bit further to delight you? You’ll sense this when you start talking vehicle and trim options. Notice how a good firm answers questions before you thought of asking them. And how, unprompted, they show you how to get more from your leasing agreement than you imagined possible. When this happens, the salesperson is thinking about what’s important for you – not just about meeting this month’s sales target.

The service continues to the dealership, to the day (it always feels great, no matter how many new cars you’ve had) when you find flowers and a full tank of fuel in your new Jaguar convertible before receiving a relaxed, personal handover from your leasing company franchisee before driving home.

Then there’s the friendly, helpful advice if you need to speak with your leasing company franchisee in future. Whether they’re in the West Midlands or elsewhere, the best firms are as helpful and attentive for minor mid-contract queries as they were when you first called.

So what’s your intuition saying? Found a good one?

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