Business Finance Leasing

Most flexible and most popular vehicle funding solution for eligible businesses.

Most flexible and most popular funding solution for eligible businesses. Provides from one car to an entire fleet with no crippling up-front payments. Highly tax and VAT-efficient. End of lease disposal to third party with 98% of proceeds retained by lessee.


  • Low initial deposits; obtain vehicles typically outside your price range;
  • Flexible repayment structure to suit your business cash flow;
  • 24 – 60 month contracts both with and without Balloon final payment are available;
  • Fixed monthly rental for accurate budgeting and predictable cash flow;
  • Costs paid from income, not capital;
  • Rentals allowable against your taxable profits;
  • No mileage restriction;
  • No additional mileage or damage penalties at agreement’s end;
  • No damage re-charges at end of contract;
  • VAT registered companies can claim up to 50% VAT on cars; 100% on commercial vehicles; non-VAT registered companies can add the VAT amount to monthly repayments to spread the cost;
  • For vehicles that hold their value well, you retain available equity even though you aren’t the owner.

There are plenty of incentives for company finance leasing, not the least of which is the eye-watering cost of the outright purchase of one or especially a fleet of motors, vehicles that plummet in value the minute you drive away. With business finance leasing you pay manageable monthly sums; depreciation isn’t an issue. Plus you can afford cars previously out of reach, cars that can enhance your company image.

Finance deals are typically between 24 and 60 months long and rentals are based upon the likely value of the vehicle when the contract finishes. VAT is paid by the leasing company who passes that extra saving onto you, reducing your monthly repayments.

Although neither you nor your business owns your car or fleet, neither do you have the pitfalls, admin headaches and ongoing expense of ownership. Maintenance packages can be built into the monthly payments too.


We build a contract tailored precisely to your needs. You can choose to pay either the entire cost of the vehicle, including interest charges, with regular repayments over an agreed period, or choose lower monthly rentals and a final "balloon” payment. This is based on the anticipated resale value of the vehicle.

Our optional maintenance package takes away the worry of routine servicing, replacement brake pads, tyres, batteries, exhausts and other parts that suffer wear and tear, as well as all scheduled maintenance. If chosen, we build in the cost to your monthly rentals.

At the end of your contract you may sell the vehicle yourself or we will dispose of it for you, free of charge. Proceeds from the sale are offset against your final balloon payment (if applicable) with any surplus returned to you to use as a deposit on your next vehicle.

Throughout your contract, the leasing company retains ownership of the car or van. You make no payments up-front, you don’t have the bother of any admin and the assets don’t appear on your balance sheet.

Massive purchasing power assures you excellent vehicle prices on exceptionally competitive finance terms. That, plus our reputation for highly personal service, attracts a huge base of loyal customers. We’re delighted to say they’re generous with their praise and don’t mind us including their comments here.

We have some impressive case studies, so please click on our case studies and see what amazing benefits WestMid Business Finance Leasing achieves.

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