BMW Series Leasing

BMW Series leasing

BMW has been one of the most exclusive and in-demand marques since reaching the UK in volume in the 1960s. The presence of the ultimate driving machine has come a long way since those early 2002s appeared, headlights blazing, in contemporary car advertising. Now, 40 years on, Munich’s finest is among the most sought after brands in the West Midlands and across the UK, and a favourite of the car leasing scene...

Interestingly, finding the best BMW leasing offers is less about choosing a model and spending days shopping around for lowest price than finding a trustworthy partner to do the leg work for you…

With so many range variations, trim levels and optional extras, choosing your new BMW i3 or 3 Series diesel can be daunting. You just want to get a great contract-hire deal and drive away in your new car, yet the market’s awash with deals, special deals, broker allocations and a myriad different trim levels that make life so time consuming for the uninitiated.

You could make choosing your new BMW a full-time job, but why should you? There’s business to do and life to be lived. The last thing you want is for leasing to be a chore before you’ve even taken delivery of that new BMW convertible.

Sure, you should do your initial research and get a feel for models that interest you. But then you’ll need specialist help. Forget impersonal organisations that only want to prepare a quote and get your order signature. You deserve someone better. That’s why it’s time to get to know a trustworthy, experienced BWW leasing specialist.

7 steps to BMW Series heaven

So here are seven questions to help you find the best one for you, whether you’re in Birmingham, Solihull or elsewhere in the Midlands…

1. Are they experienced at leasing BMWs?

Maybe it’s too much to expect your car leasing partner to remember those first 2002s. But dewy-eyed memories of the 1980s 3 Series, so beloved of yuppies, should show that your broker’s worked with BMWs for more than a few years. And that’s a good sign because, as you know, these cars get under your skin…

2. Is it a family business?

If your leasing company franchisee goes back to the 1980s, there’s a high likelihood that they’re a family business. Did you ever notice how families build special affinities for certain types of vehicle? It’s the same in vehicle leasing, which means a family firm that’s been arranging BMW lease deals for decades should be well equipped to find your dream deal on that Z4 hard-top convertible.

3. Do they share your passion for BMW?

Does the distinctive kidney-shaped BMW grille send your pulse racing? Do you know the secret of the famous Hofmeister kink (the distinctive styling cue in many BMW C- or D-pillars)? If you find yourself talking the same language as the person who picks up the phone, you know you share a common interest in the desirable machines that come from BMW’s factories – including their latest electric vehicles. And if you don’t, if you thought you just wanted a BMW at a great monthly rate? You’ll struggle not to feel a bit of the passion rub off while talking deals with an enthusiastic BMW leasing specialist...

4. Do they know BMWs as well as car leasing

A great BMW leasing partner, as distinct from a merely ‘average’ one, will know the current product range, and its trim and specification variations, backwards. Furthermore, because they’ve been arranging lease deals on BMWs for decades, they’ll know and understand the heritage behind the current range.

You might think this is overkill when all you want is a new car, but such knowledge comes into its own when someone starts working really hard to find you an amazing deal.

Imagine that you want a 3 Series with SE trim, and that you can get the monthly rental that you want. There are some factory-fitted options that you fancy too, but suddenly the cost per month blew your budget. 

At this point, some brokers might just try to talk you into a higher monthly payment. But the best, the really committed, experienced ones, know it makes sense to go to the next trim level, to Luxury, get all your options as standard and let the better residuals of the higher-spec car bring the monthly rental back into budget. That’s the difference an excellent knowledge of BMWs makes. But not everyone in vehicle leasing has such knowledge.

Another thing some leasing company franchisees lack is coveted Platinum status with the major lease companies. Platinum status means they get assigned allocations of the most desirable new BMWs in the coolest, most stylish colours and trim packs. And that’s good for you.

5. Are you made to feel special?

This comes down to how you’re treated from your initial enquiry until the day, sometime in the future, you pick up the latest in the long line of leased BMWs that your broker’s sourced for you.

By then you should feel like one of the family (especially with a family business). But that feeling of trust and the warm welcome should really start with your first email or phone call. Don’t put up with being made to feel unimportant because you don’t understand every detail of ‘Sport mode’, because you only want a 1-Series, or because your company fleet is just two strong! Some contract-hire companies, by their own admission, just want to quote you and move to the next enquiry. For whatever reasons, they haven’t got the time and resources to go the extra mile for a private contract-hire prospect.

But some do! They’re the ones you want to search out. They’re  the true partners who’ll be there for you 24/7/365, at the dealership to manage handover, and fighting your corner to get you the car you want when (it happens occasionally) a manufacturer sells ‘your’ car twice.

6. Are you confident that they know car leasing?

Knowing BMWs is one thing and being able to wax lyrical about the suspension setup on the latest M Series is great. But knowing the difference between balloon payments and residual values, and between personal contract hire and business contract hire for VAT-registered companies, is fundamental to getting you the best deal. And so’s being positively vetted by major leasing firms such as LexAutolease, Leaseplan and Alphabet…

Just like feeling wanted, valued and appreciated, this is something you’ll quickly pick up as you talk with your contract-hire company. Expect patience and no talking down to you if you don’t understand the terminology. A truly great contract-hire specialist will talk at your level. They’ll also give you all the time you need to understand the available offers and exactly what’s involved with your BMW leasing agreement.

7. Will they go the extra mile for you?

Again, you’ll get a sense of this the minute you describe your dream 5-Series or BMW X5. Notice how your broker answers questions before you thought of asking them. And how, unprompted, they’ll show you how to get more from your leasing agreement than you imagined possible – perhaps by going up a trim level to take advantage of the lower monthly rental made possible by higher residuals on better equipped vehicles.

The service continues to the dealership and the amazing day (the novelty never pales) when you find flowers and a full tank of fuel in your shiny new BMW before driving away. It continues with friendly, helpful advice if you need to speak with your leasing company franchisee in future. Maybe you’re planning a trip back to your BMW’s homeland, or you want to fit a towbar, or you’ve heard about a new model and you’re excited. Look forward to the same warm welcome from your broker.

You’ll know when you find a great leasing partner

When you start feeling like one of the family, you know you’ve found a gem of a vehicle leasing broker for your new BMW X1, 5 Series or top of the range 7 Series. With the ultimate leasing specialist, that feeling begins the minute you call and say, ‘I’m thinking of leasing a new BMW.’
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Whether you’re seeking a company fleet or a single private BMW, our knowledge, experience and exceptional customer care is here for you. Remember to ask us about the Finance Lease Funding Scheme too – it’s a fabulous way of funding your dream vehicle.

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